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Why people choose us for Ayurveda and Acupunture

I handpick the best therapy program for you. Every person is unique-your needs, your goals and your personality. I make sure you get the most personalized health care you deserve between your doctor visits.

Prevention & Curative

The TAM / TCM therapies are recommended for the preservation and promotion of health as well ...

Integrative Therapy

Holistic therapy concept, which supports MS patients well and at the same time as little...

Balance Body Mind

A unique health program. Panchakarma retreat with high quality herbal oils & herbs especially...

Pain Management

Ayurveda & TCM sees people as a whole. A therapy concept that...


Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be perfectly present, to be aware of where ...

Stress Management

Chronic stress leads to numerous physical ailments. That's why it's...

Over 16 Years of Experience

As a naturopath, I pay attention to your fitness, nutrition & well-being. Nutrition does not mean only calories and weightloss, but also to be balanced on a mental, physical and spiritual level.
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" I feel very honored taking my patients on this journey! "
  • A natural way to enhance healthier life.

    || sama dosha Samagni ca sama dhatu mala Kriya Prasannatmendriya manah Svastha ityabhidiyate | | Sushrita Samhita 15:38 The one who managed to find himself, manages to balance his doshas (bioenergy) and Agni (digestive fire), to have a healthy Dhatus (tissue), malas (excretion) and a functioning metabolism and in pure with His body, his spirit and his soul, the one who managed to be a healthy person.

  • Create your health concept.

    It always has fascinated me how vital energy plays an important role to a healthy life. My direct experience is that the five-element doctrine is a holistic approach. Only when practiced it is enhanced and revived. The practitioner should embody these principles of Ayurvedic lifestyle, herbal understanding and acupuncture knowldege. I am very honored to be able to take my patients on this journey and am very thankful in giving me the opportunity to help them with my services.

  • Holistic Nutrition

    In Ayurvedic and TCM healing, nutrition is regarded as an important pillar for well-being. While you are usually looking for a high portion of raw food in the diet, this point is quite different in Ayurveda / TCM: it is recommended to consume most of the food cooked. It is believed that the body can more easily absorb cooked food. Raw food is therefore only to be served as a side dish (salad) at noon, because at this time the digestive system is at it's peak of energy to digest.

Pancha Karma-Ambulant & Stationär


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Heilen mit der Kraft der Natur

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according to the five-element principle

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